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Photo Booth Rentals add fun to any event! Including:

  • Weddings
  • Mitzvahs
  • School Dances
  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduation Parties
  • After Prom
  • Corporate Events
  • Family Reunions

Clear Choice Photo is the preferred photo booth rental for events across the nation. Clear Choice Photo provides photo booths for any occasion, with affordable pricing, easy reservations and, most importantly, top-quality photos. Whether you are capturing a precious moment at your wedding, your first date with your sweetheart at a school dance, joining colleagues at a corporate event or attending another special occasion Clear Choice Photo is there to give you a keepsake of all your most memorable moments. With crystal clear cameras producing high definition photos and fun effects for any theme, you can take home amazing and special photos right from the booth.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Clear Choice Photo provides top-quality photo booth rentals in major cities all over the country, including Toledo, Pittsburg, Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Seattle and many more. With hundreds of photo booths available across the country, Clear Choice Photo’s photo booth rentals include unbeatable prices and extraordinary features. No matter where you are in the country, you can enjoy the nostalgia, closeness and fun of photo booth pictures with state-of-the-art technology and clarity. Clear Choice Photo booths utilize an 18 megapixel camera with a 22” touch screen to give you complete control over your vivid, take-home photos. A sub-dye printer gives you your pictures in 15 seconds or less after you snap, giving you a wonderful keepsake of your party you can take with you.

Clear Choice Photo booths combine the best aspects of modern party pictures and traditional photographs with pictures you can customize and control while keeping your hands free for posing. You, your sweetheart, your friends and colleagues can all be in the pictures, without worrying about proper positioning or repeated retakes. The 18 megapixel camera and printer produce extraordinary color and clarity almost instantly, with no red-eye, shadows or blurriness. Once the curtain goes down, you and your friends are all free to pose and make each moment picture-perfect. Unlike digital photos and cell phone pictures, you get an instant color photo strip, or elegant black and white photos, which you can take with you in your wallet or purse, hang in your mirror, stick on the fridge or hang anywhere. If you want to post your top-quality, memorable pics to your wall, twitter, instagram or other social sites, Clear Choice Photo also gives you digital copies you can share as much as you like. To make your pictures even more unique, Clear Choice Photo provides a selection of fun, cute, classic and elegant backgrounds that transport you to new locations using green screen technology. The fun doesn’t stop there; Clear Choice Photo also includes props you can add to your pictures, including zany glasses, hats, wigs, masks, boas, signs, and much more. You and your friends can don colorful disguises for your photos, get silly and make your photos truly your own. The photo booths can fit up to 8 people close together, making a fun and unforgettable group photo that captures an unforgettable evening. Finally, select a custom frame to match your print-outs, with holiday colors, New Year’s glitz and glam, movie-star style strips, themed party frames and many more. You can even make your own frame using a company logo, school colors, wedding colors and more.

Whether you are looking for wacky, funny, classic or romantic, Clear Choice Photo has the technology and accessories to capture your unique style. Every pose, picture and print is different and each one gives you a memorable keepsake of a special moment in time. Clear Choice Photo booths not only provide a quaint and colorful keepsake, but they also provide fun and unique entertainment for all ages. Your guests will love their exceptional photos, and they will have fun making poses, joining friends, adding disguises, customizing backgrounds and posting their photos of the night. From romantic kisses between newlyweds to first kisses between dates, silly photos with friends, authentic reunions with family or bringing your colleagues together for a light-hearted picture, Clear Choice Photo lets you make each moment your own and then take it with you.

Bring an exciting, unique and entertaining addition to your party and commemorate momentous occasions. Capture the sincerity, excitement and romance at your wedding reception, join all of your friends for a group photo at your graduation party, make a keepsake of your first school dance or prom, or get together with clients at colleagues at a corporate event. See the event photos map to take a look at our available locations, or grab digital copies of your party photos to share. Learn more about additional features like voice recorded messages, scrapbooking services, props and more in the FAQs section. Call Clear Choice Photo for more information and to schedule a photo booth for your upcoming event.

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