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About Clear Choice Photo Booths

Our Story

Clear Choice Photo Booth was founded after my wife and I (Dave and Tina) got married. Personally I never knew of a photo booth other than the one’s that were in the mall when I was a kid. My wife attended a wedding, saw one and “just had to have it.” So we booked it, (I learned a long time ago to just say yes!) and I never would have thought how much fun they would be.abtus_img1

To this day the wedding album we seem to always show off is the scrapbook that we got with our photo booth, not the expensive one we bought through our photographer (though she did a great job too).

The thought of opening a photo booth company was a little crazy considering I have been in the wireless communication industry since I was 18 and my wife had been working with children since she was 15, we hardly knew anything else. But there was something different about running a business that was this much fun.

Our Booths

Our Booths

After we knew this thing was going to happen we wanted to make sure we did it right. We checked out every kind of photo booth you can think of. I saw booths that were made in Australia, England, California, Chicago, Vegas, and everywhere in between.

After a few bad experiments (DON’T GET A POPUP TENT BOOTH!!) we settled in on a state of the art group of photo booths featuring an 18 megapixel camera, a 22″ touch screen, a Sub-Dye printer that shoots out photo’s in 15 seconds or less, and a booth with a movable curtain to get more people in the picture. we wanted quality and versatility.

Our Brand

Clear Choice Photo Booth has developed into the leading Photo Booth rental company in each of its territories. Quality Equipment, Professional Attendants, and Great Value are what we believe set us apart from the competition. As we continue to grow nationally these 3 core values will be echoed across our company in every market we occupy.

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People often ask about our price. We are constantly hearing “Why are you so much more affordable then everyone else?” The answer is volume. Most photo booth companies have 1 or 2 booths and work part time to help pay bills. They charge a lot, because they only have 1 machine to rent out. We however, have several booths in every market we occupy. Therefore we offer great rates to ensure that we will keep the booths busy on a weekly basis, and for all different events. Whether your event is a Wedding for 200 guests, a corporate event with 1000 employees, or a charity trying to raise money for a fund raiser…. Our booths are priced to fit into any budget.

Our Vision

featuredeventnearwesttheatre01Like we said in the beginning, we love how much fun this business is and we plan on keeping it that way. We also believe that as we grow finding partners in each market is vital to our success in each and every market we operate in. We are not worried about how fast our business grows, but rather that as it grows our core values are maintained.

We plan to keep on bringing excitement to parties, receptions, school dances, corporate events, and any other event we get invited to for a very long time…

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