Hiring a photo booth for your upcoming graduation party is such a great idea for so many reasons. We at Clear Choice Photo Booth love the idea of photo booths at graduation parties, because not only is it fun for us, but it’s fun for the graduation student, their friends and their family too! Having a photo booth at your graduation party will make your party stand out among the crowd. We have put together a list of how a photo booth can liven up a graduation party, and we even included some photos from past graduation parties in our Cleveland and Pittsburgh locations.

1. Create memorable photos with friends and classmates
Your graduation party may be the last time you get to spend quality time with some of your classmates that you’ve spent the last four years with. You’re going to want pictures, we guarentee it. Whether it’s with your best friends or your classmates you shared a lunch table with. Afterwards you will have a ton of photos to remind you of not only your graduation party, but also the past four years!

2. Make your party stand out amongst your classmates
Most students only graduate once, right? Why not celebrate your most iconic graduation with one of the top party trends right now! It will make your party stand out against all of your classmates’ and friends’ parties, while providing fun and entertainment throughout your entire party!

3. Bring together family for some unique photos
You’ve probably got a list of family members that will be making an appearance at your graduation party, so why not hire a photo booth to provide some fun photos of you with your family? Of course the photos will turn out a bit different than past family photos, as our most popular packages include fun props, like crazy hats, large glasses and hilarious signs. When’s the last time you saw your grandma holding up a fake mustache?

4. Show off school spirit one last time… or for the first time
It’s a great idea to take advantage of our custom photo strip designs by featuring your highschool’s mascot and colors, as a celebration of the four years of challenges and happy memories. Or you could feature elements of your new school, a way to look forward to all of the new experience and memories you will be creating come the fall. Or you can incorporate both old and new for a unique take on your custom photo strip.

5. It’s a great graduation gift for any student
Who wouldn’t want a photo booth for their graduation party? A photo booth rental is a great gift that can be given by family or friends for the graduating student. It’s especially beneficial for a parent, as they won’t have to contantly be taking photos of you and your friends using your cellphone. (There a professional attendant that runs the booth throughout your party.) Plus it is ultimately no extra work for you or your host!

If you are interested in hiring a photo booth for your next graduation party (or any upcoming event!), please take a look at our packages and feel free to contact your local office if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and Facebook.