Prom season is quickly coming upon us. We at Clear Choice Photo Booth in Phoenix love prom and the season it brings. It is a wonderful time of the year where students are getting ready to graduate from high school and move toward the next phase of their life. Prom is often the final celebration of high school before graduation takes place: the last time living at home, a time to cherish with your best friends. There’s no better way to remember such an important event than to hire a photo booth for the evening. Below we have put together a list of what Clear Choice Photo Booth here in Phoenix can bring to a school’s prom.

1. Provides a fun keepsake to remember the night.
We’ve all seen the classic prom photographs that used to be all the rage back in the ’80s and ’90s. A stiff pose with an awkward smile, highlighting any acne and nervousness. It’s now 2014 and we have done away with such a boring and old fashioned type of photograph. Students can gather their date or a whole group of friends into the photo booth, grab some props and the fun begins! Within a minute, the photos are printed and can be used to remember an important milestone in one’s high school career.

2. Keeps the party going, even when a dance break is needed.
Dancing takes up a lot of energy, and every once in awhile a student might need to take a small break to refresh themselves. Instead of having the students relax at a table, you can encourage them to have some fun at the photo booth. This provides a chance for them to catch their breath, while still keeping the energy up and the fun at high levels.

3. The attendant does all the work, not the students or the chaperones.
We set up an hour before the event, run the photo booth, and then take it down when the time comes. We don’t need help from the chaperones, the students don’t have to do anything except hop inside to have some fun, and everyone is happy while keeping their focus on what is most important.

4. Props can be used to add to the fun.
Everyone loves the props that we provide with certain packages (or they can be order a la carte). It adds to the excitement of a photo booth and allows for so much fun. We have a large variety of props including signs with hilarious statements, mustaches and lips on a stick, and super-sized sunglasses, among a ton of other kinds.

5. Custom photo strip design to reflect dance theme and/or school spirit.
We custom design all photo strips, whether it is using a certain color combination to represent the school’s colors or using the prom’s theme to inspire the design or both! We encourage everyone to add some customization to their photo strips so it stands out and makes for a way to remember a fun event.

6. Teachers can have fun too!
Never forget that teachers are real humans too. Believe it or not they like to have fun and create a good time for themselves. Chances are they’ll want to hop in the photo booth, pick out a prop or two and have some fun making crazy faces for the camera.

7. All photos are available to view online the next day.
All of the photos taken from the event will be available to view online the following day. It’s almost like logging onto Facebook to see a new photo album posted, but even better because we put all of the photos online. It’s fun to see how much fun everyone had, and how crazy they got!

If you have a prom coming up in the Phoenix area and would like to add a photo booth for extra fun, please take a look at our packages and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. For more updates and information, you can visit our Google Plus page or like us on Facebook.

Angela Giaco is the social media & online marketer for CCPB. She also has a ton of fun running the blog and getting to communicate with both old and new clients. She is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Video. You can find her on Google.