Event Trends and 2020 Vision

Event Trends and 2020 Vision

We’ve rounded up the four biggest trends for events happening in 2020.

If there’s one thing we know after servicing events for almost a decade, what is “in” one day can be totally “out” the nextWhen planning an event, we know that your ultimate goal is throw the best bash with guests engaged, entertained and happy. That’s why we collected the four trends you should pay attention to in 2020 to pull off the ultimate event.

Shareable Experiences.

Experiential events work best when they are truly social. An out of the box activity will motivate guests to share what’s happening at your event on social platforms. Remote audiences will feel like they are there, and wish they were!

Including the Personality of the Hosts.

Cut and paste formats of event planning are now a thing of the past.
Guests love attending an event that feels like we’re learning who the host truly is. Whether this is the personality of a quirky couple getting married, or branding of a corporate activation, guests enjoy feeling like the host is accessible and relatable.


Going green is nothing new, but event planners are now more than ever trying to reduce their environmental impact, creating a sustainable event trend.
Whether this is planning an outdoor event during the perfect time of year so there is no need to heat or cool a space, feeding your guests with locally sourced food, or minimizing paper takeaways.

Minimalist Decor.

Gaudy ballrooms are a thing of the past in favor of venues with clean, contemporary lines and industrial elements. We’re seeing events with simple color pallets and smooth textures. Minimalism has even spilled into the design of invitations and table settings.

A Timeless Trend?

Capturing your guests while they enjoy the event you planned! Let us help you take care of that part of the planning. Talk to us today about a photo experience tailored to your party needs!

Video Booth, Now Available!

Hey. It’s busy season… but we missed you, photo booth fans. So even if we’re quiet in blog-land just know it’s because we’re hustling to create the best photo booth experiences you’ve ever seen at an event. And in our downtime (lol “downtime”) we’re developing brand new photo ops, so I thought I’d fill you in on one new service we just rolled out: video!

Video Booth

Video can now be seamlessly added to an event. This service works best with a concept in mind since it is fully customizable. Recently tested at a bridal show, we decided a fun 1920’s motif would be a great way to demonstrate this. The overlay, the video effects and the music can all be created to match your vision. The best part is this function works just as intuitively as our normal photo booth, and guests can still text and email themselves the digital file for easy social sharing! Imagine after your event, receiving the hilarious gallery of your family and friends goofing off to music.

Can you imagine the possibilities for customization? You could pick an era like we did, such as 1980’s or imagine your own futuristic world. If there is a theme for your event, as always, we love incorporating your vision into the booth. Do you and your beloved have a special song? Let’s use it for your wedding booth! Want to create a throwback superhero movie a la 1950’s? Let’s do it! Want to create short horror movies for your next Halloween party? I’m mad you didn’t already tell me about your Halloween party, it sounds legit. Dibs on the Godzilla costume.

Check out some cute videos we created with this new service, fit for a party with Gatsby.


If you have an event coming up and would like to add a video booth for extra fun, feel free to contact your local office if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. For more updates and information, you can visit our Instagram or like us on Facebook.

Why A Photo Booth Is Perfect For Your Prom

Why A Photo Booth Is Perfect For Your Prom

We’re gearing up for prom: the beginning of busy season for us! At Clear Choice Photo Booth love prom season and all that it means. We love being part of one of the biggest nights of your students’ lives, and celebrating the end of their high school career with them. The ability to provide timeless keepsakes to them makes us so happy! Keep reading to find out why a prom photo booth is a great addition in your planning.

Provides a fun keepsake, both physical and digital.

We’ve all seen the classic prom photographs that used to be all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s. A stiff pose with an awkward smile, highlighting any acne and nervousness. In 2019 we’re leaving behind boring and predictable. Students grab their date or a whole group of friends and turn on digital props and GIFs! Within a minute, the photos are printed and texted to their phones. Immortalizing an important milestone, and a night to remember.

Keeps the party going, even when a dance break is needed.

Dancing takes up a lot of energy! Every once in awhile a student might need to take a small break to refresh themselves. Instead of relaxing at a table, you can encourage them to have some fun at the prom photo booth. They can catch their breath, while still keeping the energy up and the fun at high levels.

The attendant does all the work, not the students or the chaperones.

We set up two hours before the event, run the photo booth, and then take it down when the time comes. We don’t need help from the chaperones, the students don’t have to do anything except hop inside to have some fun. Everyone is happy while keeping their focus on what is most important.

Digital props can be used to add to the fun.

Physical props are always fun an expected with photo booths. But modern photo booths from Clear Choice Photo Booth now incorporate Digital Props! Face-mapping and high-tech, these props take but no precious space in your venue. With dozens to choose from, they’re a great way to break the ice in the booth.

Custom photo strip design to reflect dance theme and/or school spirit.

We custom design all photo overlays for every prom photo booth. You can use a certain color combination to represent the school or prom theme! Our graphic designer helps you through adding customization to make the perfect overlay.

Custom Overlays

Custom Overlays

Prom Photo Booth

Prom Photo Booth

Teachers can have fun too in a prom photo booth!

Photo booths are always a hit with the teachers on duty too! Chances are you’ll want to hop in the photo booth, pick out a prop and have some fun making crazy faces for the camera.

All photos are available to view online the next business day.

All of the photos taken from the event will be available to view online the following business day. It’s fun to see how much fun everyone had, and how crazy they got!

Feel free to contact your local office if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. For more updates and information, you can visit our Instagram or like us on Facebook. Or peek at our sample gallery from previous school events!

Five Ways a Photo Booth Enhances a Company Holiday Party

Five Ways a Photo Booth Enhances a Company Holiday Party

August means it’s pre-pumpkin spice season. Which means the local mall is not far from playing holiday music. Which also means companies are assigning the annual holiday party planning tasks.

I see you there. Somehow got volun-told that you’re planning this year’s company holiday party. Already dreading putting all the time and energy into something that might wind up feeling more like a mandatory meeting rather than a celebration. Worried that your colleagues will stand there awkwardly for a required amount of time before heading home. Yes, I see you there, and I think I have the solution. (Spoiler: it’s a photo booth.)

A photo booth always breaks the ice.

For the party guests who aren’t natural minglers, or wouldn’t come near a dance floor, a photo booth is a great alternative for entertainment. It’s always fun to see those otherwise wall-flower colleagues getting goofy in our booth. And as an added bonus, you everyone can brag about how much fun they’re having at the party you planned when they share their digital images on social media.

We have the perfect backdrop.

Whether you’re embracing your wintery surroundings or trying to escape them, we have just the backdrop. Either choose from one of our dozens of beautiful backdrops, or create your own with our green screen option.

Tie in the theme of your holiday party with your photo overlay.

Every booth you book with Clear Choice Photo Booth comes with an overlay for your photos that is completely customizable. Planning a cozy ugly sweater get together in a cabin? We got you. How about a glamorous glittering soiree? Still got you. Or getting Nauti & Nice with a beach themed party? BAM. Still got you covered. We have dozens of beautiful templates to choose from that can be changed to better fit your event, and in-house graphic designers who can work with you to create something perfect.

Incorporate holiday themed props.

As a time-tested trick of the trade, we’ll tell you that props are a great way to get your most camera-shy guests giggling for photos. A company holiday party is no exception. Whether you prefer physical props or digital props, or even a mix of both, they’re always so much fun. And be honest, how much would you love to see that certain reserved coworker posing in reindeer antlers and a red nose? And that not-so-reserved coworker with a prop? Real talk, you need photos of those moments too.

holiday party props

You get to have fun while we do the work.

Forego the stress of a DIY booth by letting the pro’s do everything for you. Sure, you could spend a few hundred dollars on a backdrop for the wall, some props, and an instant film camera. It’s cute and inventive. You know what else it is? Work. You know what costs about the same but you do nothing but make a reservation? A selfie booth. And it’s 0% work for you and 100% work (and lets be honest, also super fun) for us! So don’t hold back on that egg-nog.

If you are searching for a professional and fun photo booth rental perfect your holiday party, family party, or any party at all, you have found your match! Check out our services to find what best fits your needs. Contact your local office to speak with us directly. For more updates and information, follow us!

Ten Reasons to see us at a Bridal Show

Ten Reasons to see us at a Bridal Show

In the midst of summer bridal show season and we’ve had so much fun meeting soon-to-be newlyweds! We love getting the opportunity to show off to you! Clear Choice Photo Booth is nationwide, and we are attending many bridal shows all throughout the country. If you’re engaged, come check us out at a bridal show nearest you!

We provide many things for you and your guests when they visit us at a bridal show. We like to give you as much as we can as you’re deciding on which photo booth rental company. Here is a list of reasons to visit Clear Choice Photo Booth at a bridal show.

Bridal Show Booth

You get to try us out.

Not only is this the most fun part of visiting Clear Choice photo Booth at a bridal show, but it is also the most important. You can ask as many questions as you want (we love answering questions, by the way!), but the true test will be how you feel about the experience when you use the booth. How does the attendant assist each session? What is the quality of the photos? How long does each session take? You will experience the answers to these questions—and more—first hand when you try us out.

You get show-exclusive discounts.

We have some amazing discounts and giveaways at the bridal shows we attend, which you can only get if you come to the show and meet us face-to-face. Don’t hesitate to come talk to us, because you’ll often find that after we ask a few questions we can give you specific information on the discounted price depending on your wedding date. Often times we’ll also hold some sort of giveaway, whether it’s a raffle or part of a bouquet toss or something equally fun!

You get to experience what your guests will.

When you attend a bridal show you are a guest, just as those who you have invited to your wedding. You are not stressing out about little details and it is not the biggest night of your life. You are just enjoying your time with friends or family or your fiance, browsing around and eating great food. So when you come across a photo booth, your mind can be focused on the fun and not making sure all of your guests are happy. What you experience in the photo booth at a bridal show is similar to what your own guests can experience at your wedding: undivided fun.

You get a keepsake of your fun wedding-planning day.

There are a lot of goodies when you attend bridal shows! But it’s not often that you’ll find something customizable, just for you. For our bridal shows we provide everyone in the photo booth with a print of the photo strip, just as you would get with each of our wedding packages. So everyone can take home a memory of the bridal show they attended with you. But don’t worry, we have business cards for you too!

You can reserve a booth on the spot.

Often the discounts we provide at bridal shows are for a limited time only. This encourages you to book at the show, to ensure that we will be available for your wedding day. You don’t need to have all of the details set. We are very flexible with changes, and you don’t need to pay everything up front. We ask for a small deposit, you receive a large discount, and then the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding. You will be able to talk face-to-face to a specialist while reserving your booth. We’ll be there answering any questions you may have and recording as much detail as you provide.

One word: PROPS

Props can really liven up a photo booth session. We have so many unique props that you can only get from Clear Choice Photo Booth, and coming to our bridal show allows you to view them and try them out. You will see how much added fun props can bring to a photo booth rental. We have beautiful props that fit the theme of your wedding! Not everyone enjoys photos, but props are great icebreaker to help guests feel more comfortable.

You can see what your spouse-to-be would look like with a mustache.

Maybe you already have your heart set on a photo booth, but your fiance may not be on board. We’ve got quite a few super hero masks, some fun signs and tons of mustaches in case they want to see what they would look like with some hair under their nose. Snap some pics in the photo booth, give them a copy of the printed photo strip, and voila, you have successfully showed them how fun a photo booth would be for you and your guests.

You get one-on-one time with one of our wedding specialists.

If you have questions you have, you can ask! Any doubts you have, you can tell us! Details on the wedding you want to share, you can share with us! You get as much one-on-one time that you need for us to provide as much information as we can to make your decision easier. You might have what you believe to be a potential conflict. We can let you know how we can work around certain things and how we are up for a challenge! If you see us a bridal show and you have considered a photo booth rental for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to come by our booth and talk to us.

You can explore what we offer.

We offer much more than we let on. Aside from the fun props and amazing printed photo strips, we also have available personalized scrapbooks, GIF booths, and so much more. We often bring several of these items with us so that you can view them yourself. We love sharing our scrapbooks, full of photo strips and messages and well wishes from guests of past events. Also demonstrated is our GIF booth, as well as a book of our many photo strip designs.

You get to talk to us at a bridal show.

This is kind of mentioned earlier on the list, but we thought we’d repeat it so that it is really clear that we love talking to engaged couples. Not only do we love answering your questions, sharing information and giving you discounts, but we love hearing details about your wedding, talking with your friends and family, and getting to know you. We have so much fun because of you, we highly encourage you to visit us at our next bridal show!

We have many upcoming bridal shows, we are looking forward to meeting all of the newly engaged couples. Have you seen Clear Choice Photo Booth at a bridal show? What was your favorite part of the event?

Find our next Cleveland-Area bridal show here!