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Nearly every aspect of your photo booth rental can be used to promote your brand and company. Our photo booths feature tower customization, allowing us to replace our black panels with your company colors and logo. We offer customized prop signs that guests can use in their pictures, incorporating any elements or text that you request. We also offer step and repeat or green screen backdrops, which would ensure your company logo appear on every photo taken!

Our design team will handle all of your branding needs, from the tower customization to your photo strip to your custom signs, ensuring all aspects of your visual branding are consistent and professional.



Custom Signs

Our custom signs ensure that your brand is front and center in your photos. Beautifully designed by our design team, we work with your company to make sure every design aspect matches your brand: from logos to colors to fonts. We can even create custom shaped signs to fit any of your needs!

Past clients have benefited from featuring hashtags and logos on their signs, as well as catch phrases and fun images. Our staff can help to make sure that every sign is a useful marketing tool for your brand!



Step and Repeat Backdrop

One of our most popular add on options for corporate events is our custom step and repeat backdrop. This ensures that your brand is seen in every single photo taken. Your backdrop can be created using your company logo, event logo or any other image that represents your brand. This is a great marketing tool to highlight your company.

A step and repeat backdrop also creates a fun red carpet type experience for your visitors. An open photo booth is used with a step and repeat banner, allowing visitors to view those using the photo booth.

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