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Our Work

IMG_0199-X3Cleveland Cavaliers’ Home Games With Hudec Dental

Hudec Dental has asked us to provide a photo experience for Cavs fans at several home games throughout the 2014-2015 season. We are also working with them to provide the same service for the Cleveland Gladiators, and Lake Erie Monsters games along with other various events throughout the Cleveland area. The overall goal is to use the photo experience to create brand awareness, capture leads and use the social media upload tool to create some viral presence during and after each game. We have worked closely alongside all parties to create multiple custom sign collections that is consistent with each brand. Hudec Dental has included a discount special on their photo strip that can be used when the photo strip is brought into one of their locations.

Hudec Dental has successfully merged their own catchphrase with the Cavaliers catchphrase to create a specific hashtag that is displayed on each photo strip, as well as used when their photo is shared using our social media station. Photos taken with our photo booth and shared using the hashtag have a chance to be shared on the Humongotron.

Services Used: custom backdrop, custom sign collection, open photo booth concept, & social media stations.



Lexus’ Marketing company (Team One) first hired us for a VIP launch event  for 2 new vehicles that were being released. Our design team created a custom sign collection using aspects from their holiday marketing campaign, as well as hashtags and catchphrases that were incorporated into our social media stations that were used to upload photo’s LIVE from the event. An open photo booth with custom step and repeat was used to recreate a red carpet experience for their VIP guests.

This partnership has been a huge success and Lexus has now used us multiple times at several types of events as a way to create brand awareness to both new and returning customers. Our social media station helps to collect emails and other contact information for potential customers as well as a way for those visitors to share their Lexus photos through social media during and after the event.

Services Used: custom backdrop, custom sign collection, open photo booth, social media station



We were used by Labatt at a theater district event in Cleveland to promote their brand and to introduce their new Prohibition campaign. The photo booth was used to highlight the 1920’s style and  props were provided to encourage guests to channel their inner flapper and mobster. A custom backdrop was used to help to create a 1920’s theme as visitors posed for the camera. Those working the event dressed in their flapper attire to encourage and guide guests through the photo booth experience.

Guests were then left with a 4×6 photo of their four photos, featuring the logos of the event & it’s sponsors. This creates a memorable keepsake that visitors can look back on and remember the 1920’s theme in relation to Labatt’s new marketing campaign.

Services Used: custom backdrop, open photo booth, social media station, 4×6 photo

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