We are booking lots of fun events for the holiday season: winter weddings, holiday corporate parties, family gatherings and so much more! We at Clear Choice Photo Booth have been getting into the holiday spirit and enjoying all the togetherness. We are keeping warm in Roanoke, shoveling snow in Cleveland, and enjoying our sunburns in Los Angeles! If you have booked with us for this holiday season (and if not, what are you waiting for?) you may want a holiday themed photo strip. Below are a few ways to make sure that you have the perfect photo strip for your holiday needs!

Choose one of our Premade Holiday Photo Strips
We have a few premade holiday themed photo strips in our collection: no customization needed! Just let us know which design you would like, tell us the text to use and you’re all set! This is the easiest way to have a beautiful holiday themed photo strip for your event!


Add Some Holiday Text
Just replacing or adding a line to say “Merry Christmas!” is all it takes to make non-themed photo strip set for the holidays. If you want to add a line, whether it is “Happy New Year” or “Joy To The World” just relay this in the “other Notes” section at the bottom of the form. We are happy to do this for you as a way to spread the holiday cheer!

Change The Colors To Holiday Colors To Suit Your Needs
All of our designs are customizable and our form will require you to choose your desired colors. Some people choose to keep the colors the same as the original design but some customize it to fit their needs. If you are having a Christmas party, for example, let us know that you would like to use red and green, and we will make it happen. As you can see, this is a simple way to make any of our designs fit with your holiday party.


Provide Us With Your Holiday Themed Logo
If you are having a corporate event that happens to have a holiday themed logo, then send it over and we can use it for your photo strip! Or if you have an invitation we can use that as well. We are very flexible in using your designs, so it is a good option if you have your own design team!

If you are searching for a professional and fun photo booth rental that you would love to use for your holiday party, family party, or any party at all, you have found your match! Please check out our variety of packages to find what best fits your needs. We invite you to contact your local office to speak with us directly. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and Facebook.