Photo booths are quickly becoming a popular addition to any party or event. Whether it’s a wedding in Seattle, a relay run in Kentucky, or a birthday party in Salt Lake City, a photo booth works for any gathering. A lot of people have even been making their own photo booths to save some extra money, and they can look pretty great. But DIY photo booths seem to be missing quite a few important aspects in a photo booth experience. Don’t get us wrong, we at Clear Choice Photo Booth love to get our hands dirty and delve into DIY projects (we just spent an afternoon constructing a CCPB logo out of foam, paint and glue for our new office), but there’s quite a few perks when hiring a professional photo booth rental. So here is our list of DIY vs CCPB!

your friend has to take your photo
we take your photo
Most DIYers do a great job saving money: they only get what they need. Or what they think they need. They’re probably not going to outsource a photographer to take photos of guests at their event, leaving either themselves, a guest, or a potential guest to take the photos. And if that’s the case, then someone is going to feel left out… When you hire Clear Choice Photo Booth, your rental comes with an attendant who not only sets up our professional photo booth, but mans it so that your guests can have fun taking as many photos of themselves as you want. (Plus your guests will get to watch themselves through our screen inside the booth!)

if something malfunctions, you have to fix it
we are always there to make sure things run smoothly

It’s the middle of your party, and things are going pretty smoothly. Everyone seems to be having fun, the adults are enjoying the drinks you provided and the kids are playing around in your little blowup pool, some guests are huddled on your deck, and a few are taking photos of themselves at your photo booth. But wait-—one of your male guests just spilled a beer on a female guest, one of your kids just slipped in the pool and cut his knee, and your photo booth backdrop just flipped over from the wind …and are those storm clouds??
Think about what would have been if you had hired Clear Choice Photo Booth. We probably couldn’t have done much to help the spilled beer or the hurt child, but we totally would be on top of the photo booth issues. Although issues for us are very rare, when they do come up all of our attendants are trained to handle issues quickly and efficiently. Rain clouds while we’re set up outside? No problem, we’ll find a place indoors and relocate within minutes. This leaves you to grab a mop and a bandaid, with one less thing to worry about.

um, how are you going to get all the pictures?
we give you a USB thumb drive & upload them online the next day

If you’re doing things on your own, in a DIY manner, you have a lot to think about… Like how are you going to get the photos? Will you ask people to post them online with a #thebigparty14, hoping everyone has a smart phone and remembers to attach the hashtag? Will you leave out your $500 Cannon DSLR so you have access to them all later? (Dangerous!) Or will you provide disposables, praying the photos come out when you eventually decide to develop them? When you hire Clear Choice Photo Booth, you’re going to have access to all of your photos that night. Whether or not you’ve ordered a scrapbook, we will hand you a USB stick of all of the photos taken for you to have before we say goodbye. And what’s more? All of those photos will be online for you and your guests to access the very next day. With online access, you and your guests will be able to view, print and download as many photos as you want!

you have to provide, or make your own props
we provide tons of props for you

Don’t have any crazy, large glasses laying around? No fun mustaches or lips on a stick? What about fun signs to hold up that will make your guests enjoy their photo booth experience even more? Looks like your going to be spending extra money (and time if you decide to DIY) on some props for your guests. Whereas, most of our photo booth packages come with our own set of high quality props, including those large glasses, tons of signs, sturdy mustaches and lips on a stick, fun super hero masks, stunner shades and more. Of course you can add any of your own props onto our prop table, but we supply plenty!

unless you have your clunky printer set up, there will be no printed photos
we give your guests a copy of their photos within 15 seconds of their session

If you are considering a DIY photo booth, have you thought of how you will print photos for your guests to take home? Will you buy a few extra cords to connect your printer to your camera? What happens if you run out of ink? Or paper? This is something to seriously consider if your debating on whether to DIY your photo booth. Clear Choice Photo Booth rentals come with a high quality printer that prints within 60 seconds. Double prints are included in every package, with an a la carte option of prints for everyone. Plus, you get to choose your custom design that shows up on every photo strip, featuring whatever colors and texts you want! You don’t want to deny your guests a fun party favor to take home, do you?

so you want a scrapbook…?
We can provide you with a scrapbook by the end of the night

One of the most exciting parts of a photo booth rental is the creation and presentation of a scrapbook at the end of the night. This is a book full of photos and messages from your guests to you. It is one of our most desired products and is included in most of our packages. We’re not really sure how a DIYer could pull this off, so if you’ve done it before please let us know! However, we wanted to share this extra piece of information with you in case you were considering making your own booth. It’s just one more thing to consider!

If we have convinced you that a DIY photo booth might not be the way to go, then check out our packages and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to reserve your event. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and like us on Facebook.