The last few Employee Spotlights have focused on some of our office managers, but it is our wonderful Clear Choice Photo Booth attendants that really make our company what it is. They are who you see along with our booth, they interact with your guests, and they really seem to enjoy their job. We want to shine our spotlight on Cleveland’s George Filippou. He’s been a hard worker for the Cleveland office and is an enthusiastic attendant.

1. George says his favorite thing about attending events is interacting with the people. He loves to talk to people and hear their stories.

2. He enjoys seeing how different cultures celebrate different events. It is interesting for him to experience an Indian wedding one weekend, followed by a traditional American wedding the next.

3. His favorite types of events are weddings, as he loves being a part of a couple’s big day.

4. He has done a large variety of events, including weddings (of course), graduation parties, school dances, and even a memorial event.

5. He loves being an attendant in Cleveland, and sometimes runs into old friends while running the photo booth at an event.

6. George is currently training to help expand a few local markets within Ohio and Michigan, accounting to the fact that he is a fantastic and energetic member of the Clear Choice Photo Booth family.

7. He and his wife used a Clear Choice Photo Booth rental for their wedding last summer.


8. He got the job through his wife, who is cousins with the owner. He needed a part time job and the opportunity was perfect.

9. He has been working for Clear Choice Photo Booth for about a year, and does up to two events every weekend.

10. George grew up locally in Strongsville, near Cleveland. He has a rich Greek heritage and has a strong bond to his family.

If you are looking for a photo booth in the Cleveland area and would like to work with an awesome photo booth attendant like George, please feel free to look at our packages and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. ¬†For more information and updates, you can find us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook.

Have you had George as a photo booth attendant for a past event? We would love to hear about how awesome he was in the comments below!