This week our employee spotlight shines on Kaylee Owens, a local here in Pittsburgh. Kaylee family woman who has quickly moved up the Clear Choice Photo Booth ladder, loves her job and had quite a few stories to tell from her adventures as a photo booth attendant!

1. She says the funnest part of her job as a photo booth rental attendant is socializing with the guests, getting to know new people and watching everyone enjoy themselves throughout the evening.

2. She has been married for seven years, and she loves seeing the new wedding trends that have developed, such as the dancing and decorations.

3. Weddings are the most fun for Kaylee as a photo booth rental attendant, as everyone tends to drink more toward the end of the night, which makes for some great photo booth sessions.

4. Her favorite past event as part of Clear Choice Photo Booth was a wedding last year in Pittsburgh in which the bride and groom were huge West Virginia fans. (Kaylee lives across from WV and has a soft spot for the team.) At the reception, they played “Country Road” which was played at her own wedding. Also played were several 90’s rap songs and the bride new every word to every song, which Kaylee says was awesome. She adds, “I had to commend her for it at the end of the night.

5. Another favorite event of hers as a photo booth rental attendant was a bar mitzvah she attended, which she says made her appreciate her children’s ages and how much time she has to spend with them.

6. Her first event was a wedding held outdoors, which can often be challenged by the weather.

7. She is renting a photo booth herself in early March for her sister’s bridal shower. (We will feature a post on that event!)

8. Her role for Clear Choice Photo Booth is the Regional Manager for Pittsburgh. She is a self-proclaimed “organization freak” and schedules the events, assigns employees to those events and make sure each employee has everything they need to provide a fun and stress-free experience for the clients and guests.

9. She has known Matt, the owner of the Clear Choice Photo Booth Pittsburgh office, since the sixth grade. She was looking for a part time job, and got in contact with Matt’s wife through Facebook as they were looking to hire more attendants.

10. She has two children, ages 5 years old and 18 months old, whom she takes care of throughout the day. Attending events allows her to get out and socialize with other adults, which she very much enjoys.

11. She has been a member of the Clear Choice Photo Booth family since June of last year, starting as a photo booth attendant and moving up to Regional Manager of the Pittsburgh office.

12. She attends a slew of events in Pittsburgh as an employee of Clear Choice Photo Booth, including weddings, mitzvahs, corporate events, and birthday parties.

13. She thoroughly enjoys working for Clear Choice Photo Booth. She adds that Dave (the founder, along with his wife Tina) and Kaylee (Office Manager) are awesome to work with.

14. The Pittsburgh office will be hiring new attendants soon, so if you are located in the Pittsburgh area and this is something that might interest you, feel free check out the employment page.

Have you had Kaylee before as a photo booth attendant? How amazing was she? Have you had another amazing attendant that was part of Clear Choice Photo Booth? We’d love to hear; you can share in the comments below!

Angela Giaco is the social media & online marketer for CCPB. She also has a ton of fun running the blog and getting to communicate with both old and new clients. She is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Video. You can find her on Google.