This week our employee spotlight shines on Kayli Tyson, one of the most important key players at the Cleveland office. Born and raised in the Cleveland area, Kayli has been able to put her career goals into action while working for Clear Choice Photo Booth, working hard to achieve one success after another.
1. She says that the funnest part of her job is attending the events. She loves meeting new people and visiting new venues.

2. Currently her roles with Clear Choice Photo Booth are an event attendent, the office manager of Cleveland, and the sales manager of Toledo and Detroit.

3. She considers herself a “paid wedding crasher,” which sounds just as much fun as it is. She enjoys when the guests try to get her involved in their photo booth sessions and asks her to get in the photos. She especially enjoys seeing the guests have a good time.

4. One of her favorite events that she was a part of as a photo booth rental attendant was for friends of hers, Geoff & Tiffany. She knew a lot of the guests that were in attendance and had a blast.

5. Kayli got involved with Clear Choice Photo Booth last June, while she was looking for a job and Dave asked her if she would like to start attending events. Shortly after her first event she began training other attendants, as she caught on to the job very fast. She has loved it ever since!

6. She enjoyed going to the wedding of Amy & Melissa in Toledo last October. It was the first gay wedding that she attended, and she was very excited to run the booth. She brought her mother along with her and they both had a lot of fun.

7. When the previous office manager decided to leave the company, Dave reached out to her to fill the open position. She went to Baldin Wallace for management and marketing, which was what the position mostly consisted of. He asked her if she would like to work in the office and her immediate response was, “Heck yea!

8. She loves attending the bridal shows and says they are a lot of fun. They can be tiring, but she likes it because it’s the best way to meet future clients and get personal time rather than just over the phone communication.

9. She has attended six bridal shows, and the number is quickly rising!

10. She loves her job the most in the summer, when Clear Choice Photo Booth is extremely busy. She says it’s a great little workout for the day, as she loads, unloads, sets everything up and runs around getting everything ready for each event. It’s a very fun job, and very different than any others she’s had before.

11. She loves that through her office manager position she is able to put her degree into use. Essentially all of her tasks on a daily basis revolve around what she went to school for.

12. Her goal in three years is to have five markets under her, throughout the midwest. Eventually she would like to expand and move south to establish more markets in warmer weather.

If you are looking for a photo booth in the Cleveland area and would like to work with Kayli or an equally amazing photo booth attendant, please feel free to look at our packages and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.  For more information and updates, you can find us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook.

Have you had Kayli as a photo booth attendant for a past event? How amazing was she? Have you had another amazing attendant that was part of Clear Choice Photo Booth? We’d love to hear; you can share in the comments below!

Angela Giaco is the social media & online marketer for CCPB. She also has a ton of fun running the blog and getting to communicate with both old and new clients. She is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Video. You can find her on Google.