In honor of Christmas in July occuring this week, we at Clear Choice Photo Boothfound ourselves reminicing about past holiday parties and how fun they are for us. We love Christmas in July here in Ohio, when all of the boats on the lake get decorated and festivals are occuring every weekend. It reminds us of the actual season of Christmas (except for the snow and cold—we like to block that out). If you’ve been as reminiscent as we are, then you might be starting to embark on planning you holiday party. If that’s the case, then look no further for the very best highlight of your party: a Clear Choice Photo Booth! It’s perfect for any party, but especially a holiday party! Here are some top reasons why we are the perfect addition to your holiday party!

Show off your holiday gear and holiday themed props!


Take advantage of our holiday themed photo strips


Create a backdrop to suit your needs—whether you’re embracing winter or trying to escape


Create memories to cherish, whether with family, friends or coworkers


We do it all ourselves, so drink as much eggnog as you want


Creates an exciting alternative environment for coworkers


If you are searching for a professional and fun photo booth rental that you would love to use for your holiday party, family party, or any party at all, you have found your match! Please check out our variety of packages to find what best fits your needs. We invite you to contact your local office to speak with us directly. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and Facebook.