Now that the weather is warming up we are ready and excited for all of the outdoor events we have coming up! We have done many outdoor events in the past that have taken advantage of the outdoor scenery around the event. As long as the weather stays clear and warm, an outdoor photo booth can be used not only in Tucson and Atlanta, but everywhere else from Roanoake to Pittsburgh. Here are just a few of the outdoor events we have done!


Some of our clients choose to have their outside photos taken in front of a brick wall.  These photos can turn out quite lovely!  The decision to pose in front of a brick wall may have been made if lighting was a factor, if that’s where the closest outlet was, or if it is the best background option available.  A brick wall can create a very nice aesthetic and a vintage look.

There are some outside locations that are just absolutely beautiful, and they end up adding so much to the photos.  Take, for instance, these photos from an outdoor photo booth event in Utah.  The backdrop is just stunning, as it features the mountains of Provo and bright green grass.  The day was beautiful, and the lighting was consistent throughout our time at the event.

An added benefit of an outside photo booth is that it can be used as a way for your guests to remember where your event was held and other specific memories from that day.  We recently were a part of an event benefiting The National Kidney Foundation held in Cleveland.  Our photo booths were located outside several highlight spots in downtown Cleveland.


If you are enjoying these beautiful outdoor photos but are nervous about the weather (cough, Cincinnati, Boston, Toledo… since it can be beautiful one moment and thunder storms the next) you also have the option of choosing an outdoor green screen effect, such as this tropical scene we used at a recent bar mitzvah photo booth rental.

If you have an outside (or inside!) event coming up and would like to feature a photo booth, please take a look at the packages that we offer and feel free to contact us at your nearest location if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.  For more information and updates, you can find us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook.