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What You Are Looking For

what03Very little businesses require you to attend weddings, birthday parties and corporate gigs… and get paid for it! If you are looking for something that is different every week and is constantly providing new experiences, than Clear Choice Photo Booth could fit into what you are looking for. Some of our business owners play the role of attendant on weekends, allowing you to interact with a large number of guests at each event while running the photo booth; others prefer to stay at home and hire crews to run the events for them. Either way you can expect your customers to be happy with their experience!

what01One of the main benefits of becoming a licensee with Clear Choice Photo Booth is that you have the ability to start your own business, while having the support and many benefits that come with using our brand name.

what02This is a business where the amount of work put in reflects the overall success of your market. Being a licensee is very manageable if you are looking to run your photo booth on the side, while still keeping your current job. On the other hand, if you are looking for a new career and would like to make this business your full-time job that is very much possible as well. The amount of time you put into expanding your market will determine how large your market will become.

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