What You Need

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What You Need

Minimal Time Commitment

The average market owner spends less than 10 hours a week handling business needs, such as customer inquiries and booking events, leaving the events to be ran by hired attendents. It should also be noted that, if you are looking for this to be your full time job that is entirely possible as well but would require more time.

Ability To Train Others

Each market starts out with two photo booths, and therefore it will be necessary to hire at least 2-3 attendants when you first open your market. The attendents will run your booths so that you can focus on scheduling, booking and other business needs. The attendents can be family and friends, and you will need to teach your employees what we teach you.

Financial Investment

Your upfront cost of $20,000 covers:

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[toggle title=”$13,000 – TWO photo booths” state=”closed”]
The Booth Structure


  • 18 MP DSLR camera & video with lens
  • 22” touch screen monitor
  • Dye-sub printer (prints in 15 seconds or less)
  • Dell laptop with a dual core i3 processor and 6GB of Ram


  • Fully Customizable Software
  • Green Screen
  • Video Booth Mode
  • Social Media Integration
  • Black & White or Color photos
  • Many more features

[toggle title=”$3,000 – Initial Advertising Campaign”]

A confidential advertising package that is proven to work. We disclose this comprehensive strategy once you are on board and all non disclosures have been signed.

[toggle title=”$1,000 – Supplies”]

  • Grand Daddy prop collection and the sign collection from our friends at papercutsandwoodworks.com
  • 1st order of paper
  • All necessary legal documents
  • First batch of scrapbooks and scrapbook supplies
  • Table and table cloth
  • All other miscellaneous needs to get up and running

[toggle title=”$3,000 – Small One Time Licensing Fee”]

One time only

* Financing is available.
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