Who We Are Looking For

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Who We Are Looking For

who01Whether you are looking to run a side business on top of your current job or create a new full-time job by running your own business, Clear Choice Photo Booth could be your ticket. We are looking for those who can manage a small business, which includes finding new leads, hiring employees, and scheduling events. Experience is not necessary, but you must have drive and be willing to put in the work.

who02We are searching for long term licensee’s that are looking at the big picture investment, not the next hot trend. We anticipate that every new market has the ability to succeed, and we would expect each licensee put the necessary work in to achieve that success. There will be a greater time investment required when first starting up your business, as you will be hiring employees, finding new leads, and learning to manage a schedule.

who03As a licensee you are running your own business, one that is part of a well established brand name. This works in your benefit to be a partner with Clear Choice Photo Booth, as we are well known for our quality equipment, great event attendants, high value service, and perfect customer service. We constantly aim to make sure that these core values remain intact in every market we occupy.

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