We at Clear Choice Photo Booth work hard to meet as many needs as we can for our client’s. We customize your photo strip prior to your event so that it matches your event’s theme (or your business), we make sure we are set up and ready to go well before our start time, and we take the time to learn what type of event you are having and confirm many details. We want to make sure that we are offering the very best services that we can! We want our photo booth to blend and fit with each of our events, which is why we feature our sleek black tower and elegant curtains. We recognize, however, that some of our clients would like to customize our photo booth, and we love that idea! We have put together a list of ways that you can add your own touches to our photo booths, whether you’re in Tampa or Utah or any of our other locations!

Add A Step and Repeat

One of our newer add on options include the use of a step-and-repeat. A step and repeat is a large banner that can be used as a background for your photos. Most traditionally, a step and repeat features one or more logos placed evenly throughout the banner. (Think of a red carpet event!) Of course it is perfect for businesses to place their logo, but it could also be used for weddings, placing the bride and grooms name repeatedly with the designated wedding colors!

Order Tower Customization
As we mentioned in our branding blog post, our photo booth tower (where the camera and printer are located) is very customizable. We can change the side panels to any requested color and can even place a logo or image onto one of the panels. This is a great way to get your brand noticed or achieve a more blended look regarding your photo booth rental.

Use As Favors

We have a whooollleee blog post written about using your photo booth rental as a party favor. It can be such a creative and cost efficient addition to an event. When using Clear Choice Photo Booth, you are automically given freedom to have your photo strip designed however you want, creating a customized element as it is. Add to that frames to give each of your guests to take home, and there you have a wonderful party favor. Be sure to check out our party favor blog post to learn more creative ways to accomplish this!

Add Your Own Outside Curtains

It is also an option to add your own outside curtains. Whether they are pink, blue, purple or polka dot, you can add your own curtains to the outside of your photo booth rental to help blend in to your event. We ask that you speak with our staff first, to get the correct dimensions and information. This is a great way to customize the look of your photo booth.

Create DIY Props

We highly encourage that you take advantage of our own prop collection, but why not add a few DIY or custom props to your table? If you’re hosting a princess themed birthday party, add some tiaras or princess wear. Or if your event is a high school reunion, why not throw in some foam fingers or other elements that reflect your school colors? And if it’s a corporate party, be sure to add some items that contain your company logo. This is a great idea to not only enhance the fun while the event is going on, but it adds reminders when viewing the photos days, or years, later.

Include Signs & Directions

One easy way of creating a custom feel to your photo booth is to include signs and directions throughout your party. Although this doesn’t essentially change the look of our photo booth, it is a great way to not only guide guests to a fun aspect of your event, but also to add your own creative twist to the photo booth. Find or create signs that fit your theme, whether it you going with a vintage look or it is carnival inspired. Hang the signs up in various places; have a sign for the prop table; set up an easle with large sign in front of the photo booth itself; the ideas are endless.


Are you looking to add a photo booth rental for your next event?  Check out our packages and feel free to contact your local office if you have any questions or to reserve your event. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and Facebook.