Our cutting edge GIF booth is very easy to use. Tap the screen, strike a pose, and you’re off to a great start.

Turn our booth into your booth with Custom Overlays, Digital Props, and Filters.

If you’re the DIY type of person, or have an amazing concept you want to bring to life our highly trained staff is here to help.

Expand your your guests experience with animated GIFS- From falling snowflakes to flying pigs we’ve got you covered.


Our cutting edge Photo Spot Mini allows you to take your selfie to the next level.

A Boomerang GIF is a short, looping video compiled of multiple photos taken in a short burst. These images are then played forward, and backwards in a constant loop to create a video.

The clip can then be shared to your phone, your Facebook, or even by email. The Gif Booth can be booked for just GIFS, or included as an add-on to your standard booth.


Planning an event?

Our booth instantly becomes your booth with custom overlays.

Not only is Clear Choice Photo Booths interactive fun for you and your guests, it is also the perfect way to commemorate your special occasion with personalized photos featuring your name and date.


Whether you’re wanting to add a pop of color, or become the next Kardashian, there is a filter for everyone.

With over 20 different options our booth can become your booth, in a flash.


The Photo Spot Mini contains a library full of digital props which an be added to any photo.

Just a drag and drop away our booth offers crazy glasses to styling wigs that add a unique experience your guests will never forget.

Having a space cow party? Or maybe a beach themed party? Add-On a custom prop or two designed just for you.