The Dress Rack in Medina

Yay! You’re getting married!

If you’re a bride-to-be, that means you found The One, right? What about the dress? Bridal dress shopping can seem like a daunting task to some brides.

Researching styles and designers… Visiting several shops… Measuring… Ordering… Patiently waiting months and months…

If you’re a bride with a longer timeline and lots of patience, that’s great! If you’re a bride that would love the instant gratification of finding the dress, and taking it home that day… we met your match.

Introducing The Dress Rack.

Photos courtesy Andrew Smith Photography

The sister store of Medina’s well-known The Dress, The Dress Rack was born in January and has partnered with several bridal dress boutiques to provide designer bridal gowns that a bride can carry out of the store same day for a smaller price. All of the dresses are brand new, tags on, unaltered and ready for you to come play dress up in.

All of the most popular bridal dress designers are featured: Stella York, Essence of Australia, McKayla, Calla Blanche, Martina

Julia, The Dress Rack’s Lead Consultant, was kind enough to meet last week and talk about how The Rack is a different kind of bridal shop experience.

The Dress is widely known for giving brides-to-be a five star experience when shopping for their designer gowns, and The Rack is no exception. When you visit The Rack, you will have a dedicated and knowledgable consultant, and the opportunity to sort through the racks of beautiful gowns available at their leisure. Julia advises to come in with an open mind. She says many brides come in just to look, but wind up leaving the store with a dress they didn’t expect to fall in love with. Since all of the dresses are sold off the rack and are not guaranteed to be there the next day, its never too early to look.

Every detail in the shop has been carefully considered to give every bride a personal and beautiful experience. After trying on your first round of gowns, you’ll have the opportunity to keep browsing the racks after putting on the adorable robe provided in the fitting room, and your friends and family will be able to relax in the charming and comfortable space. And when you find the dress of your dreams, The Rack celebrates you with a champagne toast, a goody bag, and the opportunity to take a photo with their adorable sign that reads “I found and love The Dress!”

To complete your wedding day look, of course there are lots of accessories to try on with your gown. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, hairpieces, and veils. Even if you’ve already bought your dress elsewhere, Julia says she can still set you up with an appointment to try your gown on in the store to pair it with jewelry and other accessories so you know everything will look perfect together.

Inventory is constantly changing with new dresses coming in frequently. Brides typically come in with a budget of about $1000. You will find most dresses ranging from $650-1600, give or take. And although The Rack only carries bridal gowns, if you purchase the dress of your dreams, a 10% off all bridesmaid dresses discount is available for you at The Dress!

Get more info about The Dress Rack here:

(330) 952-2121

Located: Lower Level, 281 S Court St, Medina, OH 44256

To be able to provide the best possible service, Julia strongly recommends making an appointment before stopping in to look.

Hours for The Dress Rack:

Sundays – Closed

Mondays – 12 – 8pm

Tuesdays – 12 – 8pm

Wednesdays – 11am – 5pm

Thursdays – 12 – 8pm

Saturdays – 10 – 4pm (by appointment only)

Big Things in Store, Stay Tuned!

If you have an event planned for 2018, keep an eye on this blog!

Here we will post not only the latest news for CCPB (we’re looking at you, new designs, new packages AND new technology), but guests will join us periodically as well to help you plan the other aspects of your event!

Some highlights of what’s to come:

  • New social packages that meet your party needs.
  • Themed props that fit your style!
  • A 360 degree gif? Heck yes!
  • Does your event need cookies? (Spoiler alert: of course your event needs cookies.)
  • Brand new beautiful backdrops.

And much, much more! (Oops, this isn’t an infomercial, but you get the idea!)

So excited for the year ahead! Hope you’re excited too!

Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Now that it is the start of wedding season, we wanted to share with you some ideas of how a photo booth can benefit your wedding festivities. A photo booth is a fun experience regardless of the event, but a photo booth at wedding? It is perfect! Whether it is an outdoor wedding in Tucson, a barn wedding in Kentucky or a chapel wedding in Utah, a wedding reception really is one of the best events that a photo booth can be held: it creates fun memories with family friends, it is a great form of a wedding favor, and you get a scrapbook at the end of the night! Below are even more ways a photo booth is beneficial at your wedding!

1. The photos can be used for wedding favors.
There are so many creative ways to use photographs from our photo booth as a wedding favor. This means that as a bride, you don’t have to spend the extra money on wedding favors for all of your guests. And we at Clear Choice Photo Booth have various types of wedding favors available for purchase. With a photo booth you are getting two birds with one stone. Actually, three birds, which brings us to the next point…

2. The custom photo strips can be used for seating charts.
This goes along with the wedding favors, as a frame of various sorts can be given to each of the guests at the beginning of the night. Inside the frame can contain their table number, as well as directions to point out the photo booth. And don’t worry, we have a blog post with tons of ideas for both wedding favors and seating charts coming soon!

3. It adds to the fun your guests will experience.
It is important to most brides and grooms that their guests have fun at their wedding. To most it is also important that their wedding be remembered and stand out among the many weddings that are attended yearly. What better way to create a unique experience than to add a photo booth from Clear choice? We have unique props and can guarantee that every session brings new memories!

4. It gives the bride and groom a few private moments.
We at Clear Choice Photo Booth like to make sure the bride and groom get their fair share of time in the photo booth. There is no perfect spot for a few quiet moments together on such a big day than surrounded by thick black curtains, quiet and a camera to snap a few photos. And of course they can grab a few props and have some extra fun together!

5. You can provide a fun family photo session.
Clear Choice Photo Booths can fit many people in it, so if a bride has invited their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings to their wedding, why not gather them all up for a few minutes in the photo booth? Add to the fun by having everyone pick out a prop or two and voila! You’ve created a few new family photographs that were probably very different than family photos of the past. (And remember, all photographs will be available online to view the next day in large format. So you’re not just left with small photographs.)

6. It only gets funner as the night goes on.
In our latest employee spotlight, our regional manager here at Clear Choice Photo Booth Pittsburgh mentioned that weddings were often her favorite event to attend. Among the reasons she loves weddings is that normally there is alcohol served, and towards the end of the evening most of the guests have let loose and always have a blast in the photo booth. And the guests get to go home with a photo reminder of a great night!

7. We do it all ourselves, the whole time.
One of the benefits of using Clear Choice Photo Booth for any event is that we do all of the work ourselves. We set the booth up, run it and take it down ourselves without the help of our clients. So the bride can focus on the other million things she needs to take care of, while we provide some fun and memories for her guests.

If you are a bride or groom looking to add some fun and memories to your wedding, please feel free to check out our packages.  You are welcome to contact your local office if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.  For more updates and information you can follow us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook.

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Photo Booth Rental At Your Next Event

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Photo Booth Rental At Your Next Event

As photo booths are becoming more popular at many types of events, from weddings to corporate parties to mitzvahs, there are many way to make your guests’ photo booth experiences stand out. We at Clear Choice Photo Booth love discovering new ways to highlight our services and make sure that you have the best experience possible! We have put together some ideas to make sure that your photo booth rental offers the best for your guests. These ideas will work for any rental, whether it is a trade show in Tucson, a birthday party in Pittsburgh, or a wedding in Atlanta!

1. Choose the prints per person option

Here at Clear Choice Photo Booth we have several packages for brides to choose from for their big day, in hopes that we can accommodate people with various price ranges. For weddings, our deluxe pacakge is our most popular. Not only does it supply a guest book for the bride and groom to take home, but it will print a photo strip for every single person in the photo booth. So if ten people go into the photo booth, eleven strips will be printed out (one for each person, and one for the guest book).

2. Offer “tickets” to the photo booth

Image credits: Etsy & Etsy

Another option is to offer tickets to your photo booth. Guests will feel they are given a great opportunity to use the photo booth. This would be especially beneficial if you have a large amount of wedding guests, as you could control the number of times each person enters the booth.

3. Use frames as a seating chart

Image credits: Photo Booth Place Cards & It’s A Bride’s Life

If you would like to supply your guests with frames, you could also use the inserts as a seating chart. Each insert could contain the guest name and the table number, as well as an invitation to use the photo booth (as mentioned above). This is a great idea if you are looking to save money and “hit two birds with one stone” using your photo booth frames.

4. Use frames at each place settings

Image credits: Jament Events & Wedding Bee

Many brides choose to supply their guests with frames to hold their photo strips. But what do you put in the frame before they receive their photos? A short thank you and an invitation to have fun at the booth. Not only does this let everyone know that there is a photo booth, but it allows the guests to go home with a reminder, in other words, a wedding favor.

5. Encourage fun at the booth

Image credits: Wedding Wire & Follow Pics & One Wed

Hang signs, give directions, do everything you can to encourage your guests to have fun at the photo booth! The most important thing is that your guests walk away with a smile on their face, a photo in their hand, and a memory at they will cherish forever!

If you are searching for a professional and fun photo booth rental that you would love to use for your wedding favor, you have found your match! Not only do we offer frames and inserts for this very reason, but we have several packages built for brides. We invite you to contact your local office to speak with us directly. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and Facebook.

Valentine’s Week Feature : Top Photo Booth Kisses

Valentine’s Week Feature : Top Photo Booth Kisses

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to share with you our list of Clear Choice Photo Booth‘s top photo booth kisses. Because after hundreds of events and thousands of bodies visiting our photo booth, we found that people love to kiss! From Pittsburgh to Tampa to Salt Lake City and everywhere in between, we can guarantee that every photo booth rental we have been a part of has had at least a kiss or two! So here is our list of the top photo booth kisses!

1. The “Censored” Kiss

2. The Not Quite Ready Kiss

3. The Cheeky Kiss

4. The Girlfriend Kiss

5. The Newly Wed Kiss

6. The “I Love You” Kiss

Do you have a an event coming up in and are looking for an excuse to see your family and friends sneak a kiss?  A photo booth rental is a great way to add hassle free fun for both yourself and your guests.  Check out our packages and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to reserve your event. For more updates and information, you can find us on Google+ and like us on Facebook.